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Playgrounds: Proving Grounds for Leaders

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy
Here’s an idea to motivate leadership behavior. Reading time 3:57.

                                                                                       Playgrounds are proving grounds for leaders.

     a playground2   On the playground, these emerging leaders  engage their followers: they get other kids to play with them with something more  than simply a suggestion “Hey let’s play tag.”

      They also lead by example.  They are  quick to model the behavior (“You’re it!), tagging and running off.

       And soon others congregate, collaborate and innovate around the make-believe camp fire and share the warmth of their collective sharing and caring together, their leadership for and with each other.

      But then the emerging leaders on the playground take their game to the next level. They embrace change. They leverage change. They anticipate a need to change.

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