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Wooo Wooo : Training Yourself To Stay Plugged In

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

 Here’s an idea to help you to stay connected  to all parts of your organization. Reading time: 3:10.

Can you hear it?

Can you see it?

       Oh yes you can if you are 8 years old again.Turn back the clock with me.

        There I am watching my choo choo train snake around the Christmas tree. This was no ordinary choo choo train. It came with scenery that you could set up, trees, and houses and yes even city lights. Wow. City lights.

     But then suddenly, ominously, mysteriously those lights flickered and went out and so did my enthusiasm. I was so sad and mad.  Everything seemed plugged in.

     Why isn’t my train running? The lights on our Christmas tree were on so I knew the electricity was on. The switch on my train was on. But nothing was moving. Everything seemed dead. And I felt like crying or screaming. I was having a bad day.

        But then my dad saved the day.

      He found a loose wire underneath the track. He showed me how to apply an electrical connector so that wire would stay connected. I twisted that orange connector that looked like a long jelly bean.

      Then suddenly those lights beamed in all their splendor. And then I heard my train erupt back to life and once again my  train whistled Woooo…..Woooooo……Wooooo.  I was so happy.

        That little electrical connector made such as impression on me for its ability to keep all parts connected and to assure that productivity is plugged in and continues to deliver power that today  I use those electrical connectors as a symbol of the connections that leaders make to keep their organizations running.

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