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BALANCING ACT: Preserving Your Relationships

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to factor more balance in your daily decision making. Reading time: 3:07.

          You’re pulled and tugged in every direction by customers, suppliers, government regulators, stockholders et al.  Conflicting priorities are part and parcel of your day as a leader.  In fact, 64% of 1,800 executives in a Booz & Company survey cited “too many conflicting priorities” as their biggest frustration factor.

          What should a leader do? Go for a bike ride! (Read on. Hop on. )

All of the Spokes on a bicycle wheel are adjusted to keep the rim in balance.

           And add balance to your leadership life.

           Now think of your company or organization as if it were a wheel on a bicycle. And think of each of the 28 spokes around the rim of your wheel as if they each represented a different constituent, a different stakeholder, a different public. Each depending on the organization. Each making demands the organization. Each making demands on you. Continue reading


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