Taking Your Work Personally –On and Off the Job

Leadership Mints salutes Steelcase Inc  today– Friday March 16, 2012– in celebrating its 100th anniversary as the world’s leader in office work design and furnishings. See Special Steelcase Customer Leadership Mints links at the end of this post to learn what it takes to lead effectively for a century. And read this post to discover a key leadership secret that Steelcase taught me —  PERSONALLY.

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to build long-term employee loyalty. Reading time 3:26

      “No, you’re not taking any vacation time then,” my boss told me. I was stunned. My wife was about to have a baby and I wanted to take a few days off after the baby was born. “No, no vacation time.”

Lily is what Baby Showers are all about.

      I was speechless.

      I had been working for him for two years.  Always earned good performance reviews. Seemed to get along just fine — even when a vendor that I managed –and who predated me at the company–lobbied my boss to have me fired for cutting their billable hours.

      Then my boss finally breaks the silence, saying he would give me a few PERSONAL days. He explained that I would still be paid but those few PERSONAL days would not count against my vacation time.

     “Take as many days as you need. The full week if you need it. All I ask is that you be available to come me on Thursday afternoon at 2 that week.  I want to get your ideas on programming for next fiscal year .”

     My daughter Laura was born. I later  took  three days off to help at home. Then I came into the office for the Thursday meeting. I walked into my boss’s office. He promptly escorted me to a nearby conference room. And I got the surprise of my life: Continue reading “Taking Your Work Personally –On and Off the Job”