Leadership Mints Series Sampler: AIRING YOUR MESSAGE

Remember the first time you got the urge to play your air guitar?

That’s body language  — a genuine outer expression of an inner impression.

And it comes from the heart and soul based on authentic feelings.

Guitarists in particular and music fans in general note that playing the air guitar first took root in America in 1969 when authentic feelings flowed on stage at Woodstock.

At least that’s how Smithsonian magazine’s April White captures the vibrations and rhythm of the first air guitar performance on a public stage.

“Joe Cocker could feel the music channeling through his body as he began his final number on the Woodstock stage.

“With one hand the singer mimed the song’s opening piano notes, and then as the drums kicked in, Cocker lifted his left arm and swung his right in front of his body in perfect time with the dramatic first chords of his hit:

With a Little Help From My Friends. There in front of  hundreds of thousands Joe Cocker was playing the air guitar.”

Authentic gestures — like Joe Cocker ‘s impressive and expressive 51-second air-guitar playing — project a sense of integrity and sincerity.

Authenticity like that earns trust and credibility from an even more engaged audience.

And authenticity like that stirs greater memorability and mobility from an even more motivated audience to act on your message.

Indeed your body speaks long before you do.

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What ‘s a Leadership Mint?

Consumed like a breath mint — quick and on-the-go — a Leadership Mint is a short story that energizes leadership behaviors and personalizes leadership principles so they are more easily remembered, more readily acted upon and more fully applied.


Keep It Real, You Big Deal

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy
Here’s an idea to stay grounded in dealing with others. Reading time: 2:56

         No matter how high Harry Warner climbed on the corporate ladder –from the pioneering leader in the film industry to the president of Warner Brothers for more than 20 years — Harry Warner never forgot his roots.

        warner brothersIn fact he never figuratively slipped out of his old shoes no matter how well-heeled he had become.

         Walking along the studio’s streets, Harry Warner would habitually pick up nails he found and pop them in his mouth — just like he did as a boy working in his dad’s shoe-making shop.

        Indeed, you are what you are no matter where you are.  That’s why the most effective leaders keep it real, especially when they become a big deal.

         That’s what  Zachary Taylor did. The President of the United States brought his frontier background into the Oval office in 1849. He wore baggy clothes Continue reading “Keep It Real, You Big Deal”