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Tiger Tiger Burning Bright In Your Office

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you focus your thinking. Reading time: 1:56

        The Siberian Tiger stares powerfully yet mysteriously on the wall directly in front of the CEO’s desk.

Andy Warhol's Siberian Tiger

Andy Warhol’s Siberian Tiger

       The limited edition print from Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species collection looks down on the CEO, a constant reminder to stay vigilant in order to survive in the jungle of today’s highly-competitive business terrain.

       Yet a placid waterfall watercolor painting flows lazily from the wall immediately behind the CEO, a soothing scene that sprays a comforting mist– a salient solution visually situated–to cool down even the most hot-tempered or stressed visitors seated in the CEO’s office. All by design.

     The most effective leaders exhibit an art for creating a more conducive environment to do business. And that often includes the collection and display of significant works of art.

     Picture the environment in this CEOs office: Refreshing yet Reinforcing. Soothing yet Stringent. Peaceful yet Powerful. Continue reading