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Be Unreasonable To Be A Leader

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to stir your creative juice way beyond your comfort zone.  Reading time: 2:14.

         To get ahead, be unreasonable.
No you don’t have to become  demanding or condescending.
No, you don’t have to sharpen your arrogance or deepen your ignorance.

          Just be willing to squeeze your creative juice without rhyme or reason. As author George Bernard Shaw noted:

Reasonable men adapt themselves
to their environment, unreasonable men
try to adapt their environment to themselves.
Thus all progress is the result of the
efforts of unreasonable men.”

           Leaders, by definition, are unreasonable.  Here are a few examples of unreasonable behavior that may spark  your own flair for the unreasonable.

          A  freezing rain blankets the nearby ski slopes. Your eyes are nearly frozen shut.  So what? Be unreasonable. That’s what  Ed Pauls did.  He   invented a pulley-driven machine he could use to go snow skiing indoors. He invented the Nordic Track in 1975.

           It’s a cold snowy day in New York. So what? Be unreasonable and write a song about the balmy south. That’s what Dan Emmett did and today we sing his song –-Dixie–with a happy go lucky zip :

“I wish I was in Dixie”

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