WHY-dening Your Learning Horizon

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to energize your ability to learn new things. Reading time: 3:03

        The young crime reporter wasn’t squeamish the first time she entered the county morgue. Her curiosity overshadowed any fears she may have had standing in front of open drawers of dead bodies filed away like so many forgotten papers.

       curious georgeHer curiosity was piqued. How did they die? And most intriguing of all –why? That’s what leaders do. They can see more than what’s in their sight. And they can cite so much more than they can see. They ask Why when others are too focused on What.

       And they yearn to learn with the flair of Curious George, the hero in the popular children’s book series written by Margret Rey and illustrated by Hans  Augusto Rey.

     With their curiosity “why-dened,” these leading learners and learning leaders more readily subscribe to author Robert Ingersoll’s notion that education is the only lever capable of raising mankind. Leaders understand that learning is part of work — not something apart from work. Continue reading “WHY-dening Your Learning Horizon”