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Promoting Science Education 400 Words At A Time

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to persuade an initially disinterested audience.  

        I need your help. Here’s my challenge: use your persuasive skills to write a 400-800 word story/speech/scenario with enough entertainment flair and metaphorical clarity to engage a 10-year-old on some aspect of science from astronomy to zoology.

      See an example. Scroll down. Let’s do our part to promote science education.

         Today I am issuing a challenge to science and education bloggers in general and leadership bloggers in particular. Let’s embed with the Naked Scientist and make learning science cool the way the international award-winning London-based BBC radio program and podcast – The Naked Scientists-– does every week in “stripping science down to its bare essentials and promoting it to the general public.”

      That’s one of the key skills of a leader : to  engage others to listen to and act on something they had little or no interest in before.  And that’s why I need your help. After all, as leaders and bloggers you already have a penchant for the Write Stuff. Now let’s collectively use our writing, thinking and leading skills to help  recruit more future scientists.

     Here’s my challenge: Continue reading