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Collaborate With Off-the-Wall Thinking

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

                     Here’s an idea to spice up your staff meetings with a brainstorming session. Reading time: 4:19

         POST IT NOTES With a sense of urgency in every step, the corporate executive marched into the conference room and glared at his colleagues seated for their weekly staff meeting.

          Then an eerie, tension-filled, pregnant silence commandeered the the safety and security of the conference room.

          It felt as if were High Noon at the OK Corral.

        Suddenly the leader seemed like a gunslinger, itching for some action. He flung his hand into his pocket and drew– OUT a stack of Post-It notes. He waved them around as if they were a gun, and commanded: ”STICK ‘EM, UP! ”

       They did.

       Within a few minutes the surrounding walls were festooned with 3X5 cards and Post-it notes in so many colors they looked like butterflies hovering over the walls.

      Indeed the most effective leaders turn meeting rooms into team thinking rooms.  They have a penchant for displaying and sharing ideas that involve all meeting participants. Continue reading