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Creativity: 7 Heads Are Better Than 1

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your resourcefulness. Reading time: 2:23.

        Your budget has been slashed. Again. You’re under the gun to generate increased sales. Again. Your advertising spots on TV and radio are few and far between.  Again.   You feel like you’ve been handcuffed, chained and throw into the river. Again.

       Snap out of it. Tear a page out of Houdini’s Resourcefulness Playbook that helped him earn the title of The Great Escape Artist.

Bald heads became a billboard to Houdini

      Slip out of those financial chains. Unlock new resources. Free yourself and your creative expression –in Houdini fashion. Here’s how:

       When Houdini ran out of money to promote his appearances in Paris, he devised a clever flashing billboard in the most highly trafficked areas of the city virtually for nothing. He hired 7 bald guys (for tickets to his show).

       Houdini tasked them to sit side by side on a sidewalk cafes around the city. Each had tatooed a letter on the top  of his head. They wore suits and large bowler hats and faced the on-coming traffic.

     Every few minutes they would remove their hats and lower their heads toward the traffic , flashing H-O-U-D-I-N-I.

       Heady stuff. Houdini proved seven heads are better than one to beat the Budget Blues.  Continue reading