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Adapting on Your Climb to the Top

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy
Here’s an idea to help you cope with added scrutiny as you are promoted. Reading time: 3:13

      You’ve reach the C-Suite. You’ve worked hard for this promotion.  But something feels awkward.

chain of command


      Your once clear and distinct chain of command has morphed into a filigree of complex relationships as former CEO David D’Allesandro writes in his book Executive Warfare.

      And now you have to adapt to all of that added scrutiny from the Board to the Stockholders to regulators etc.

       Welcome to the C-Suite. Think C for Chameleon more than Corporate.

      All leaders no matter at what level learn to adapt to the ever changing working conditions.

      They realize flying at this altitude in corporate life they had better be able to sway with the forces in much the same way the wingspan of a 747 jet is designed to sway up and down 29 feet at the tips of the 195 feet wings to cope with the effects of turbulence.

       And when you feel alone and isolated on a desert in the C-Suite, you’ll adapt just like the Greasewood—the only plant that drives its roots 40 feet down to find water in Death Valley, the lowest point in US is 252 feet below sea level.

       To spark your adaptive skills, let’s see how various aspects of life adapt in Mother Nature for greater survival. Continue reading