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Keeping Your Powder Dry: Up Close & Personal

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhanced your listening skills. Reading time: 2:54.


            A Eye_iris  “Don’t speak until you can see the whites in their eyes.”

             That could be the business leader’s equivalent of Colonel William Prescott’ s orders at the Battle of Bunker Hill : Don’t shoot until you see the whites in their eyes.”

          Indeed holding your tongue while getting physically closer to your complaining customers, to your competitive colleagues, to your demanding superiors, to your frustrated employees and/or to your dissatisfied stockholders etc. is critical.

        Don’t speak until you can first get close enough to listen to them clearly with a heightened awareness that makes your eyes — and their eyes– glisten.

         The closer you are, the more your ears — and their ears —will listen to each other; the more your eyes– and their eyes– will glisten with each other. Continue reading