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Stories Breathe Life Into the Bottom Line

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

         Here’s an idea to capture the imagination of your followers. Reading time: 4:16

     The children’s story teller had just finished a 30-minute performance when a 6-year-old boy excitedly ran up to her; yanked joyously on her hand, and smiled: “Hey, thanks for the movies!”

        The story teller had captured the boy’s imagination.

          The words painted a picture in his mind. The story teller’s engaging tone and exciting inflection tuned her voice into what seemed the surround sound quality of a theater. Only the popcorn seemed to be missing from the boy’s  “movie” experience.

        With that attention-commanding sense of relevancy and influence, it’s no wonder story-telling is a key leadership skill, according to Harvard professor Howard Gardner. Continue reading