Leadership Mints Sampler: What Loving Leaders Don’t Do?

What’s the opposite of a LOVING LEADER?

Former CEO Terry St. Marie cites the following 15 traits of those who command and control others to perform vs. engaging and encouraging others toward continuous improvement (like a loving leader). In his blog More Human Leadership, St. Marie notes The Bossman:

  1. Sees black and white and never any grey.
  2. Likes to tell instead of teach.
  3. Likes being on the pedestal – above the fray.
  4. Gets lost in the details.
  5. Rules by fear.
  6. Displays great hubris.
  7. Likes to talk. Hates to listen.
  8. Wants to dictate not trust.
  9. Outlines the what and forgets the why.
  10. Thinks first about profits.
  11. Gets lost in the process.
  12. Is a disabler.
  13.  Criticizes harshly.
  14. Manages to an end not a cause.
  15. Demotivates with impassiveness.

    Let’s face it: all of us are guilty of those traits at times.

However the most effective leaders are committed to a sense of continuous improvement in leading themselves and others more authentically and ultimately more productively and profitably.

For more information on how you can positively impact your bottom line with empathy, purchase a 300-page book filled with 77 short stories on examples from business, sports and politics. It’s titled:

LOVING Like a Leader — one of three books in The Leadership Mints Series designed to help leaders refresh their feeling for leading. The postscript  –titled BUSINESS: A HUMAN EXPERIENCE–shares the impetus for a book on empathy impacting the bottom line.

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Leadership Mints Sampler: Cashing In On Two Dimes

As a youngster, I remember my dad included two dimes in every greeting card he gave my mom throughout their near half-century together.

And no doubt the symbolism reflected in those two dimes  on her birthday —or their anniversary, on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day every year etc. — in some way played a role in my penchant to study trust-building relationships throughout most of my leadership development career.

Although it has been more than a half-century ago I can still see the anticipation in my mom’s eyes as she cupped her left hand to catch the expected two dimes after opening the envelope and reliving the experience as if it were her first time.

The dimes would cascade into the palm of her hand and her face would always light up in sheer delight.

In gripping those dimes, she also reaffirmed her grasped on her marriage’s long running experience of commitment, trust, integrity and respect that cemented their near 50-year marriage before my dad passed away.

Those dimes rekindled a commitment of caring and sharing, respect and understanding that to my young eyes flared the proverbial fire in their love for each other.

Anyway, this Dimes-Throughout-Time love story began     Continue reading “Leadership Mints Sampler: Cashing In On Two Dimes”

Leadership Mints Sampler: Beyond the Mint Metaphor

After reading any one of the three books in The Leadership Mints Series, you’ll discover much more symbolism in the candy mint:

  • Beyond its metaphorical life preserver shape
  • Beyond its pill-popping quick pick-me-up imagery and
  • Beyond its LifeSavers brand name.

Think of the candy mint as a metaphor for adapting to changing business conditions.

Then think of each of the short stories on leadership principles called Leadership Mints as so many reminders of an optimum leader’s ability to adapt to external forces in the marketplace.

Check the history books and you’ll find that the founder of the LifeSavers company had to adapt to keep his business  from virtually melting away.

As the owner and operator of the Queen Victoria Chocolate Company, Clarence Crane saw his chocolate candy business becoming more like a chocolate soup business during the summer months before air conditioning and refrigeration.

So he adapted. Specifically Clarence Crane:

CREATED a hard candy mint that could withstand the heat of the summer.

CONCENTRATED in naming, branding and packaging his hardy candy mint in nautical terms that differentiated the product and reinforced its value-added market position.

COLLABORATED with druggists who used pill-punching machines to create the distinctive life preserver shape with the hole in the middle of the candy mint.

In 1912, just after the sinking of the Titanic, he renamed his hardy candy mint: LifeSavers.

That’s what leaders do throughout the 3-book Leadership Mints Series. They adapt and adjust. Quickly. On the go.

Adapting is the premise behind the 77 Leadership Mints in THINKING Like a Leader to help you focus with greater clarity and creativity.

Adapting is the premise behind the 77 Leadership Mints in LOVING Like a Leader to help you problem-solve more purposefully and empathically.

And adapting is also the premise behind the 52 Leadership Mints in SPEAKING Like a Leader to help you tune in to your audiences more intently and communicate with greater civility.

All three books are available on Amazon.com in print ($15) and ebook ($8).

Leadership Mints Sampler: Unpacking Personal Baggage

Before you can lift others UP as a loving leader you first have to put  DOWN your personal baggage.

In sorting through your personal baggage, a  leader must first seek to understand and accept:

                    • Who they are
                    • Why they do what they do
                    • Why they think the way they think  and
                    • Why they feel the way they feel.

Traveling lighter with near-empty personal baggage, the emerging leader embarks on “a great journey into your own soul” as the former CEO at General Electric Jeff Immelt defined the initial step in becoming a leader.

However, in setting out on that journey into your own soul, emerging loving leaders have to beware of tripping over their own egos when they need too much and heed too little.

And most significantly, nascent loving leaders have to beware — and be wary —- of the following personal baggage (a.k.a. Needs) that can jeopardize their ability to love and undermine their capacity to lead.

In unpacking your personal baggage, the most effective leaders are vigilant in discovering and containing what author Leo Buscaglia defined as Nine Needs in his book Loving Each Other:

The Need to be Always Right.
The Need to be First in Everything.
The Need to be Consistently in Control.
The Need to be Perfect.
The Need to be Loved by Everyone.
The Need to Possess.
The Need to Blame.
The Need to Dominate.
The Need to Manipulate.

You can find the above excerpt and other examples of the bottom-line impact of empathy in LOVING Like a Leader — one of three books in The Leadership Mints Series — now available on Amazon.com — designed to help leaders refresh their feeling for leading.

The two other books in The Leadership Mints Series include THINKING Like a Leader and SPEAKING Like a Leader.

Leadership Mints Sampler : The Best-Kept Secret of Leaders

Millions of Dilbert-dazed office workers stagger like Zombies through the cubicle-crazed corporate graveyard from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Millions more of device-carrying, screen-staring, thumb-texting employees struggle to get through their workday.

And the data is depressing: 7 in 10 of your employees are disengaged –and cost American business $500 billion in lost productivity –according to Gallup.

Isn’t there anything a leader can do to awaken those Zombies to care more about your bottom line?

Sure. But shhhh! It’s a secret.

It’s such a power-packed secret that if a leader applies it knowingly and carefully this secret has the potential to stir interest, foster creativity, build teamwork, engender trust, instill confidence, reinforce credibility, spark innovation, increase productivity and strengthen profitability!

This secret is critical to our well-being. This secret is born in our need as human beings to be appreciated and bred in our relationships to be validated. This secret is… Continue reading “Leadership Mints Sampler : The Best-Kept Secret of Leaders”