What’s Your USP –Your Unique Selling Point?

How can you step up to lead if you don’t have a platform to stand on?

You are not the Chief Executive Officer of a large company.

You are not a guru on social media liked by millions.

You’re not a TikTok celebrity with an inherent band of followers.

And you’re not a well-connected pillar of the community in civic, business and non profit organizations.

So instead of a platform to stand on, you build your own three-legged stool to step up and reach out to your potential audience with a compelling proposition that meets and exceeds their needs, interests and concerns and affirms your commitment to provide sustaining value.

For example, I have no platform to stand on as independent publisher. Oh, sure I have a title as the president of The Leadership Mints Publishing Company. But that title and $5 just might buy you a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. I am just like most of you: just a guy with an idea to help other people enhance the quality of their lives.

So how can I effectively ask you to invest your hard earned money into buying books in The Leadership Mints Series especially when you consider there are over two million other leadership books on Amazon.com?

In lieu of a platform, I have to make sure I build my stool on three sturdy legs with integrity in the materials and authenticity in the finished product that is functionally viable, relevantly usable and geared to sustain value over time.

To help you develop the legs on your own sturdy value proposition stool, click on the following three legs in my value proposition stool (cited in earlier posts to this blog) on the value to you -the reader– in investing in one of the 3 Leadership Mints Series books.

To savor the Leadership Mints Book of your choice click here:

LOVING Like a Leader, With Empathy

SPEAKING Like a Leader, With Civility

THINKING Like a Leader, With Clarity


Consumed like a breath mint — quick and on-the-go — a Leadership Mint is a bite-sized idea that energizes leadership behaviors and personalizes leadership principles so they are more easily remembered, more readily acted upon and more fully applied.

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