Leadership Mints Series Sampler On Making GOOD in Bad Times

Oh no! Here we go again. More problems. That’s what most of us would say when the flood gates of doom and gloom are crashing down on you.

Not Jocko Willink.

The former Navy Seal and co-author of Extreme Ownership has a definitive 4-letter word response to doom and goom: GOOD!

Forget the pity party. Accept the loss as a learning opportunity. Move on.

Focus on THINKING positively with intent, initiative and innovation.

Beware of POSITIVE thinking that confines your mindset to WISHING for something.

Seek continuous improvement.

Beware of POSITIVE thinking that relies more on platitudes and a smile. Forge on. With an attitude! And with fortitude as Willink says: .

Got beat? GOOD! We learned.
Oh, the mission got canceled? GOOD!
We can focus on another one.
Didn’t get the new high-speed gear we wanted? GOOD!
… We can keep it simple.
Didn’t get promoted? GOOD!
More time to get better.
Didn’t get funded? GOOD!… We own more of the company.
Didn’t get the job you wanted? GOOD!…
Go out, gain more experience, and build a better resume.

Indeed the most effective leaders make GOOD in bad times.

For more ideas on how you can address setbacks with more strategic process of THINKING positively with your head held high –effectively –rather than a knee-jerk reaction of POSITIVE thinking with your head buried in the proverbial sand—defectively — purchase a 296-page book filled with 77 examples from business sports and politics available on Amazon. com. It’s titled THINKING LIKE A LEADER.

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