Leadership Mints Series Sampler On the Pursuit of Happiness

Which of these two alternatives would you choose to gain a greater sense of your personal happiness: either a $30,000 boost in your income or habitually including a 30-minute walk in your daily routine.

The Leadership Mints Guy

The leader in you has already validated psychologist Daniel Gilbert’s research that daily exercise is a greater stimulant to your sense of happiness, albeit assuming your basic needs are being met where a “little money buys you a lot but a lot of money buys you little.”

     Leaders, literally walking their talk for 30 minutes a day, lose a lot more than a few pounds. They also lose their temptation to sit on the sidelines –or the couch. They reject that notion of purposeless and powerlessness that the Beatles lamented in their song Nowhere Man:

  “He’s a real nowhere man,
living in his nowhere land,
making all his nowhere plans for nobody.
Doesn’t have a point of view.
Knows not where he’s going to.
Isn’t he a bit like you and me?”

With a daily exercise they come to find a psychological plateau to stand on– psychological plateau that affords new more grandeur views on life. Now instead of being that Nowhere Man, exercising leaders more readily sees themselves on the run with a sense of conviction to reach a goal like the man in Stephen Crane’s poem The Black Riders:

I saw a man pursuing the horizon.
Round and Round they sped.
I was disturbed at this.
I accosted the man.
It is futile, I said.
“You can never.”
“You lie,” he cried. And ran on.

       So do leaders. They run on–exercising their leadership.

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