Leadership Mints Series Sampler Proving You’re Not a Robot

So how do you know you’re not a robot?

Oh yeah, you can tell your traffic lights and cross walks from the bridges and storefronts.

At least that’s what CAPTCHA says.

For the record, CAPTCHA is an acronym that stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Now that you’ve qualified as something more than a robot, what if there was a test you had to take to prove that you were a leader?

How could you assure others that you aren’t a robot programmed to lead?

Well, first you have to find something inherently in humans that robots do not have nor can they be programmed for (at least not yet anyway).

You already know that robots are being programmed to assume more anthropomorphic traits such as eye contact, empathy and a soothing voice.

Nevertheless, is there one key question that you could pose to another to prove their credentials as a bonafide human with skillsets to lead other humans not a programmed robot engineered to  lead humans?

Consider the discerning focus in the following  question that career development expert Kate Lopaze posed on her blog for TheJobNetwork.com to determine leadership potential in job candidates.

 1. Do you truly value other people as human beings? 

The next four questions she asks reinforces that humanistic look at leadership:

2. Do you understand other’s emotions as well as your own ?

3. Do you encourage inclusion and diversity?

4. Do you look forward to the future?

5. Do you nurture other people’s talents?

No wonder author William Deresiewicz, writing in his book Excellent Sheep, advocates that college students seek courses that want to “humanize you not specialize you.” Even if you can tell the traffic lights and cross walks from the bridges and storefronts.

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           What ‘s a Leadership Mint?

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