Leadership Mints Sampler: What Loving Leaders Don’t Do?

What’s the opposite of a LOVING LEADER?

Former CEO Terry St. Marie cites the following 15 traits of those who command and control others to perform vs. engaging and encouraging others toward continuous improvement (like a loving leader). In his blog More Human Leadership, St. Marie notes The Bossman:

  1. Sees black and white and never any grey.
  2. Likes to tell instead of teach.
  3. Likes being on the pedestal – above the fray.
  4. Gets lost in the details.
  5. Rules by fear.
  6. Displays great hubris.
  7. Likes to talk. Hates to listen.
  8. Wants to dictate not trust.
  9. Outlines the what and forgets the why.
  10. Thinks first about profits.
  11. Gets lost in the process.
  12. Is a disabler.
  13.  Criticizes harshly.
  14. Manages to an end not a cause.
  15. Demotivates with impassiveness.

    Let’s face it: all of us are guilty of those traits at times.

However the most effective leaders are committed to a sense of continuous improvement in leading themselves and others more authentically and ultimately more productively and profitably.

For more information on how you can positively impact your bottom line with empathy, purchase a 300-page book filled with 77 short stories on examples from business, sports and politics. It’s titled:

LOVING Like a Leader — one of three books in The Leadership Mints Series designed to help leaders refresh their feeling for leading. The postscript  –titled BUSINESS: A HUMAN EXPERIENCE–shares the impetus for a book on empathy impacting the bottom line.

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