Leadership Mints Sampler: Beyond the Mint Metaphor

After reading any one of the three books in The Leadership Mints Series, you’ll discover much more symbolism in the candy mint:

  • Beyond its metaphorical life preserver shape
  • Beyond its pill-popping quick pick-me-up imagery and
  • Beyond its LifeSavers brand name.

Think of the candy mint as a metaphor for adapting to changing business conditions.

Then think of each of the short stories on leadership principles called Leadership Mints as so many reminders of an optimum leader’s ability to adapt to external forces in the marketplace.

Check the history books and you’ll find that the founder of the LifeSavers company had to adapt to keep his business  from virtually melting away.

As the owner and operator of the Queen Victoria Chocolate Company, Clarence Crane saw his chocolate candy business becoming more like a chocolate soup business during the summer months before air conditioning and refrigeration.

So he adapted. Specifically Clarence Crane:

CREATED a hard candy mint that could withstand the heat of the summer.

CONCENTRATED in naming, branding and packaging his hardy candy mint in nautical terms that differentiated the product and reinforced its value-added market position.

COLLABORATED with druggists who used pill-punching machines to create the distinctive life preserver shape with the hole in the middle of the candy mint.

In 1912, just after the sinking of the Titanic, he renamed his hardy candy mint: LifeSavers.

That’s what leaders do throughout the 3-book Leadership Mints Series. They adapt and adjust. Quickly. On the go.

Adapting is the premise behind the 77 Leadership Mints in THINKING Like a Leader to help you focus with greater clarity and creativity.

Adapting is the premise behind the 77 Leadership Mints in LOVING Like a Leader to help you problem-solve more purposefully and empathically.

And adapting is also the premise behind the 52 Leadership Mints in SPEAKING Like a Leader to help you tune in to your audiences more intently and communicate with greater civility.

All three books are available on Amazon.com in print ($15) and ebook ($8).

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