Leadership Mints Sampler: CONCENTRATING Like a Leader

Enthusiastically, the four-year-old girl tugged on her dad’s hand. She looked closely at his wrist watch and pleaded:

“Dad, what time is it?”

Her father looked down at her blue eyes and blonde hair and answered simply: “Now.”

His daughter scrunched her little face into a grimace and blurted out in exasperation to her dad: “Yeah, now!” And her dad simply said: “Now.”

By now his daughter was frustrated with all this talk of now and she still had no idea of what time it was. “Dad, stop fooling around. Just tell me what time it is.

And her dad said softly:Now. Now is the only time that really matters.”

It would be a few more years before the little girl would understand the significant leadership lesson she had that morning : a sense of urgency and a spirited sense of now to achieve a desired result.

And that’s why readers of THINKING Like a Leader are treated to 15 different bite-sized stories called Leadership Mints that help you more fully concentrate from….

…..reading The Wall Street Journal more accurately to

……becoming a Roads Scholar of sorts driving a truck for more than one million accident-free miles to

…..wiping the slate clean with your own  Personal Zamboni.

To sharpen your ability to concentrate, here is an overview excerpted from page 196 in THINKING Like a Leader.


In thinking like a leader, you get a good start (Mint 48) with a sense of urgency (Mint 49) and immediacy (Mint 50) with grit (Mint 51) and without overlooking key data (Mint 37).

You stay curious (Mint 52). You expect to see something new in familiar places (Mint 38).

You cut out the distractions (Mint 39), clear away the clutter (Mints 40-41), vent your frustrations (Mint 42), write your plan (Mint 43), memorialize your meetings (Mint 44) and assess your status regularly (Mint 45).

You treat others fairly not equally (Mint 46). You firmly anchor your sense of purpose (Mint 47).

And you gain a good deal of appreciation for the inscription on a sun dial that says it all: “One hour alone is in thine (your) hands, the NOW in which the shadow stands (excerpted from
Mint 50).

THINKING Like a Leader is the first book in the Leadership Mints Series

The two other books are LOVING Like a Leader LOVING Like a Leader and  SPEAKING Like  Leader.    All three books are available on Amazon.com in both print ($15) and digital ($8). As that sundial inscription says:

One hour alone
is in thine (your) hands,
the NOW in which
the shadow stands!


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