$15 Conversational Starters for Leaders & Their Direct Reports

You’ve just been promoted and you can’t wait to clean up the place. Your way.

But in your zeal to make your mark you find yourself policing more than coaching, barking and ordering instead of cheering and championing  your team.  And both you and your staff are stressed and less committed to the success of each other or the company.

Now what do you do?

            Leaders in that frustrating funk are finding a way to wear their coaching hat more often than their cop cap and getting even more productive results. How? Those leaders are giving their disgruntled employees a 5-minute Leadership Mints Break at their weekly staff meetings.

            Consumed like a breath mint –quick and on-the-go—a Leadership Mint is a quick- pick-me-up narrative of a key leadership behavior that like its candy counterpart is easily spooned, immediately reinvigorating and quickly digested in 5 minutes or less.

Featuring a reader-friendly dip-in-anywhere, grab n’ go format, Leadership Mints foster a more productive and non-threatening learning experience especially in coaching and mentoring others in highly-emotional behaviors like conflict management, self-control and humility.

Savoring a Leadership Mint as a conversational starter focuses a 1-on-1 update meeting to be more of CHECK-IN than a CHECK UP where the discussion is more reflective of desired behaviors than a diatribe of critical analysis, second-guessing and micro-managing.

Many leaders also use these Leadership Mints as CONVERSATION STARTERS to reinvigorate the Annual Review process, especially as the once-a-year employee evaluation continues to morph into more of an-going review process.

These Leadership Mints, are packaged in three books sold separately on Amazon.com.

These Leadership Mints stem from the author’s 30 years experience in various leadership roles and extensive research (combing over 700 books for leadership insights).

Dip into the Leadership Mints bowl of your choice to spark a creative discussion on leadership development and inspire critical reflection on leadership behaviors. Invest a few minutes of reading for a lifetime of leading. Available on Amazon.com, $15 paperback, $8 e-book. Buying the print book gives you the opportunity to purchase the e-book for $3.

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