Dip-In Anywhere Leadership Reading Any Time Any How

Stop should-ing on yourself.

Of course you know you SHOULD spend more time developing other leaders on your staff. But when you’re so busy putting out fires who has time for fire prevention tips and techniques?

You’re not alone in SHOULDING on yourself.

Consider a survey conducted by Corporate University Xchange, (CorpU) – a global learning and leadership research firm. That survey found that developing other leaders ranks 4th from the bottom in the time leaders actually spend on formal leadership development.

                That’s why THINKING Like a Leader in particular and the entire 3-book Leadership Mints Series is specifically designed —simply—as a tool to help busy leaders refresh their leadership development skills – easily and quickly in an on-going convenient process – primarily through 5-minute, dip-in-anywhere, grab ‘n go reading modules that can be easily and quickly re-read as new situations warrant.

Reading Time 3:38 to Savor Mint 1

               In fact, the actual average reading time is listed immediately following the title of the Leadership Mint story. For example, beneath the first Leadership Mint story in THINKING Like a Leader-Yabba Dabba Doooo! On Monday Mornings Too the posted time is  3:38.

                   That’s the time you’ll invest digesting this particular Leadership Mint to refresh the way you enlist your staff in a larger purpose so convincingly that they actually look forward to getting back to work on Monday morning.

                              When you savor a Leadership Mint, you stop SHOULDING on yourself and capitalize on the trend in the leadership development industry toward on-going, integrated, on-the-job, experiential study of leadership rather than a series of separately scheduled leadership seminars or workshops.

                             When you savor a Leadership Mint, you stop SHOULDING on yourself and fill a key learning gap especially for newly minted leaders and their busy coaches and mentors: the need for a time-sensitive, weekly reminder of key concepts that could stand on its own or be used as a formal follow-up to a workshop or seminar.

                             When you savor a Leadership Mint, you stop SHOULDING on yourself and enjoy a convenient conversation starter between leaders and their direct reports as the Annual Review continues to morph into more frequent on-going discussions on professional development in general and specific performance in particular.

       In addition to THINKING Like a Leader, the Leadership Mints Series features two other books  available on Amazon.com ($15 paperback, $8 ebook) to help you stop SHOULDING on yourself–SPEAKING Like a Leader–on civility and on empathy LOVING Like a Leader.






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