Research Refreshes & Spices Up The Leadership Mints Series

The 3-book Leadership Mints Series is peppered with insights from 169 other books. No wonder the three books — THINKING Like a Leader, LOVING Like a Leader and SPEAKING Like a Leader have earned early notice among readers for the comprehensive research in general and the book’s consummate lists of key learnings and lists of key behavior traits of leaders.

Reading THINKING Like a Leader is like digesting the gist of 82 other books; 51 other books in LOVING Like a Leader and 36 others books on SPEAKING Like a Leader.

Notice how well-researched gems shine through in the following 3 Leadership Mints books.

In THINKING Like a Leader,  With Clarity & Featuring 77 Leadership Mints  (From Mint 31 on Brain Power): If DNA material from one human body could be uncoiled, the DNA material would stretch from the earth to the sun –AND BACK– 1,000 times according to the Body Almanac by Neil McClear.

In  LOVING  Like a  Leader , With Empathy & Featuring 77 Leadership Mints (From Mint 70 on  Rejection):  Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone collected 40 rejection slips before selling his first script. Theodore Geisel, more famous as Dr. Seuss, collected 23 rejections slips before selling his first book.

In SPEAKING Like a Leader, With Civility 7 Featuring 52 Leadership Mints (From Mint27 Increasing Your Face Value): the human face is capable of 5,000 different expressions including 55 different smile configurations.

With a strong focus on research, the 3-book Leadership Mints Series fills a key learning gap especially for newly minted leaders and their busy coaches and mentors: the need for a time-sensitive, weekly reminder of key concepts that could stand on its own or be used as a formal follow-up to a workshop or seminar.

Designed for busy leaders, the Leadership Mints Series is comprised of three  dip-in-anywhere books.

Think of these Leadership Mints as your personal candy mint dish when you need a quick pick-me-up via a short entertaining 5-minute story.

This bite-sized idea that comprises a Leadership Mint provides a key tip or technique to handle a leadership issue ranging from conflict management to emotional intelligence –all with intriguing research that is R-Rated !

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