Freshen Your Annual Review Ritual with Leadership Mints

Annual performance reviews continue to morph from a yearly ritual into a weekly conversation between managers and their direct reports.   However, the routine nature of the process can erode those weekly meetings into a CHECK UP more than a check in where the focus is more critical than creative.

           After all it’s a lot easier to play bad cop.  It’s always easier to focus on the missing piece of the puzzle instead of puzzling in a new more robust piece that adds greater value.

So what can you do to spice up the annual review ritual?

Give your direct report a break: a 5-minute Leadership Mints Break BEFORE you launch into your weekly project/performance review.

And help your direct report broaden their perspective on optimum leadership behavior without you preaching or donning a bad cop hat.

Conversation Starters on Professional Development

What a Leadership Mints Break? It’s a  conversation starter on professional development.  Leadership Mints are short 5-minute stories that personalize optimum leadership behaviors.

Those behaviors include conflict management, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and relationship building.

Some of those Leadership Mints focus on creativity, collaboration and concentration. Other Leadership Mints address compassion, connection and conviction. And still other Leadership Mints arm leaders to communicate credibly, memorable and capably.

These Leadership Mints stories are found in the 3-book Leadership Mints Series that helps leaders think with clarity, lead with empathy and speak with civility.

Spicing Up Staff Meetings

As a team leader, you might also consider using the the 3-book Leadership Mints process to conduct a 5-minute Leadership Mints Break as part of your regular staff meetings.

These conversation starters on professional development also give leaders a more interactive framework  for learning and feedback that focuses more on capability and less on culpability.

These professional development conversation starters can usher in a more productive weekly check in.

The 3-books in The Leadership Mints Series are available on  ($15 paperback, $8 ebook).

               They are:

  • THINKING Like a Leader,
  • LOVING Like a Leader and
  • SPEAKING Like a Leader.

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