Stick It On RIGHT!!

     By Peter Jeff, Author
The Leadership Mints Series: Thinking, Loving and Speaking Like a Leader

          Think of this ditty the next time you’re pinning a name tag on yourself before taking a seat at your next meeting.

Name Tag On the Right
Displayed in Plain Sight!

    Pinning your name tag on the right makes it easier for the other person to read your name tag while shaking your hand and still maintaining relatively more eye contact with you.

(This is adapted from Mint 58 in
THINKING Like a Leader,
Featuring 77 Leadership Mints).

          Nine out of 10 people are right-handed. When those right handers extend their right hand to shake someone’s hand they are looking directly at the other person’s RIGHT side. And of course the reverse is true: the other person is also looking directly at your RIGHT side.

        That’s why the most thoughtful leaders and engaged employees stick a name tag on as if they were framing a picture FOR OTHERS. Yet too often too many wear their name tag as a billboard FOR THEMSELVES––as a logo that brands you, that spotlights you, that calls you out as someone important. Think right like a leader.








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