LOVING Like a Leader to be Published August 15


                                “Real Leaders Cry” Claims New Book

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN—June 15, 2016— Real Leaders Cry & Kissing LikeLeader are two of the 77 short stories (called Mints) in a new leadership development book to be published August 15, 2016. The 266-page book is titled:

  LOVING Like a Leader
 77 More Leadership Mints
by Peter Jeff

            Filled with short stories easily digested and quickly re-invigorating like a candy mint, LOVING Like a Leader provides 77 compelling ways to break through the malaise in business and the disenchantment in politics. Calling on 30 years of business experience, the author provides busy leaders a tool to develop other leaders.

            These 77 new Leadership Mints are segmented into three categories — Compassion, Connection and Conviction-­­-designed to personalize leadership principles and help leaders recharge their batteries to lead with what researchers call The Secret Ingredient: LOVE. Each Leadership Mint begins with an EngageMINT — a one-sentence call-to-action summary that reinforces the intended key leadership learning of the story: how to more effectively engage others.

           LOVING Like a Leader is peppered with historical examples in business, sports and politics. Patterned after the first book in the Leadership Mints Series (ENERGIZING Like A Leader, With 101 Leadership Mints), the book also features  tips on developing your own sense of humor to enlighten your feeling for leading with love.

         LOVING Like a Leader will be available on Amazon.com and booksellers everywhere on August 15, 2016  ($15 paperback, ISBN 9780-6926-20007,  $10 e-book). For a Pre-Publication Review Copy, contact Peter Jeff e-mail: peterjeff@charter.net. On twitter: @LeaderMintsGuy. 

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