FREE Leadership Mints Book June 4-8

2016 cover        Make way for the 5-minute Leadership Mints Break at your next staff meetings proclaims a newly published book designed to help leaders develop other leaders. The 296-page book features provocative titles and short stories (read in 5 minutes or less) that personalize 16 different leadership behaviors:

101 Bite-Sized Ideas to Energize Yourself & Others
by Peter Jeff

      You can Download the FREE digital version of the 74,000 word book during a special 5-day promotion from Thursday June 4 through Monday June 8. at

The digital version of the book is highly navigable with an unique and robust Owner’s Manual that depicts 17 different leadership situations and an Index that features 47 leaders and hyperlinks to their specific insights (quotes). Just click on this link
  You can download the book directly to your computer.
  Just click the link below and scroll down to "Kindle for PC/Mac"

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