Customer Service With Pizzazz!

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy
Here’s an idea to add punch to your customer service. Reading time: 3:04

      The  fast-food counter seemed more like a stage to the clerk  especially when he welcomed his audience of one– his customer–with a bright smile and  even brighter affirmation of his customer’s order:

      A ham “I will get that right up for you sir and I can tell you that I’m going to put smile on your face and inch on your waist.”

      His  jovial voice beamed through pearly white teeth and a breathy enthusiasm that painted smiles on the faces of nearby patrons too.

      His customers appreciated the clerk’s creative zeal in turning an ordinary transaction into something extra-ordinary.  That’s what leaders do. They turn the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.

       Indeed, this leader in customer service showmanship made absolutely sure this $31.46 order for this  customer and his five other auto mechanic co-workers would be anything but ordinary.

           Leaders have a flair for customer service showmanship that re-focuses the spotlight on the customer to add even greater value to their customer experience.

        Consider the creative airline attendant who turned a routine arrival announcement into a more memorable and fun experience:

     “We hope you’ve enjoyed giving us the business because we sure have enjoyed
taking you for a ride. Now before you open your overhead bins,
please be careful because we all know: SHIFT happens.”

        Georgia Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport Delta Airlines Black woman airline flight attendant aircraft safety demonstratiConsider the flight attendant who regularly turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, performing a two-minute rap on instructions for takeoff including this rhythmic riff:  “…and before you leave our advice is put away your electronic devices…”

       Consider the retail store cashier who invites his customers to “take a ride with me on the merry-go-around” as his spins the plastic-bag laden carousel in quick 360 degree turn to assure the customer has retrieved all of his or her items.

     Consider the 89-year-old pompon-waving fast-food clerk who smiles and welcomes her guests with a hearty
“hello and how can I help you today.”

      Consider the credit union’s initial recorded phone response ( “We’re DELIGHTED you called….”) and later commitment that (“Giving you AMAZING service is important to us…”

      a ham6Consider the restaurant chain that responded to a customer’s request to deliver a porterhouse steak dinner ready for immediate consumption–when he arrived at the airport in two hours.

       Consider the hotel chain who made sure a youngster’s favorite stuffed animal was well taken care of when the family called saying they left it behind.

       The hotel staff “issued” the stuffed animal a hotel employee ID card and took pictures of the stuff animal lounging poolside, taking in a spa complete with cucumber slices on his eyelids, and driving a golf cart.

Jungle Jim Bonaminio as The Magic Wizard

Jungle Jim Bonaminio as The Magic Wizard

         And consider the retail antics of Jungle Jim Bonaminio, then owner of International Farmers Market Supermarket. He would don his purple and white  Wizard costume and roller skate down the aisles performing his price-reduction magic.

        The most effective leaders encourage and foster customer service delivered with a flair for showmanship that reinforces the value add of the customer experience. With Pizzazz!

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