Face Lift for Leadership Mints the Book

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy
Here’s an idea to gain more control over your leadership development. Reading time 2:57.

        You’re busy. Too busy to attend seminars and workshops on leadership; too busy to keep up with so many books and blogs on leadership thinking. Relax, take a deep breath and savor Leadership Mints, 101 Ideas to Freshen Your Leadership Breath.

     BookCoverImageConsumed like a breath mint –quick and on-the-go—Leadership Mints can be thought of as a breath of fresh air that invigorates your decision-making through 101 short stories that spotlight and personalize leadership principles.

     Leadership Mints , the book version of this blog available on Amazon.com, debuts today with a new face lift. The newly designed cover more clearly calls out the book’s intended audience: For Busy Leaders.

      And the ocean waves lapping on shore reflect the ebb and flow of the work day so that busy leaders can take a breath in between waves of work. Hence the revised subtitle: 101 Ideas To Freshen Your Leadership Breath.

       Leadership Mints is ideally suited to better cope with the trend toward all knowledge workers assuming more leadership responsibilities –if not positions — no matter if they have any direct reports or budgets or not.

      The pace of continuous change with limited resources is placing a premium on leadership development.

      Leadership Mints is also well positioned  to capitalize on trend in the leadership industry toward on-going, integrated daily experiential study of leadership rather than a series of separately scheduled leadership seminars or a workshops.


HAVE A MINT– A Leadership Mint

        In fact the daily 3-4 minute use of a story-book on leadership principles like Leadership Mints reinforces what leadership expert Barbara Kellerman of Harvard’s Public Leadership Center calls for in sharing leadership development as an on-going experience more broadly with followers not merely those who have been appointed leaders.

      In her book The End of Leadership (Harper Collins, 2012 ISBN 978-0-06-206916-0); Kellerman deplores the complexity of the leadership development industry with its 1500 different definitions and 40 different theories of leadership.

    Leadership Mints simplifies leadership learning and fills a key learning gap especially for newly minted leaders: the need for a time-sensitive, daily reminder of key concepts that could stand on its own or be used as a formal follow-up to a workshop or seminar.

     Studies show that leaders developing others leaders –although the most accepted primary objective of all leaders—ranks 4th from the bottom in the amount of time leaders actually spend on developing other leaders,  according to the Leadership 2012 Study Focusing on Trends and Best Practices conducted by Corporate University Xchange, (CorpU) – a global learning and leadership research firm.

      Leadership Mints is a tool to help leaders focus more directly on their primary objective without infringing on their busy schedules. That’s why the book introduces and promotes the concept of a 5-Minute Leadership Mints Break-– a respite to recharge your batteries and savor and sustain your leadership thinking on 16 different leadership behaviors evinced in the 101 stories.

Today’s ImproveMINT

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