Introduction to New Leadership Mints Book


by Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

         Leadership Mints, the 282-page book based on this blog, was published earlier this week and is now available on Here’s a peek at the Introduction to the book that will help you more fully savor your on line digesting of Leadership Mints each Tuesday and Friday.


What’s a Leadership Mint?

        Short stories read in 5 minutes or less that personalize leadership principles. That’s a Leadership Mint. Freshen your bottom-line thinking. On-the-go. Quickly. Easily. Daily. Like its candy counterpart, a Leadership Mint is easily spooned, quickly digested and immediately accessible.

        Invest a few minutes of reading for a lifetime of leading. To remind you how quickly you can freshen your bottom-line thinking, the time it takes to read a Leadership Mint story is posted beneath each headline. You can digest any one of the 101 Leadership Mints in any order. You can read just two pages at a time to glean enough information or inspiration to more effectively lead on a specific issue. Need help convincing others? (Mint 65). Need help reprimanding others? (Mint 55). Need help fending off your critics? (Mint 62). Need help focusing? (Mint 70).


       Each Leadership Mint ends with an ImproveMINT which is a one-sentence call-to-action summary that reinforces the intended key learning of the story. See pages 265-269 for a summary of all 101 ImproveMINTS. To help you use Leadership Mints as a quick reference tool to solve an immediate problem, check out the quick at-a-glance navigation features, including a 7-page Index that begins on page 275. For a list of all 101 Leadership Mints categorized in 16 different leadership behaviors, competencies, skills or traits, see pages 271-274.

Who Should Read Leadership Mints?

           Busy people. Leadership Mints is designed for busy people at all levels regardless of your leadership experience. If you’re a seasoned leader, Leadership Mints is a Refresher tool to share your expertise with others. If you’re a newly-minted leader, Leadership Mints Reinforces what you have learned but not yet practiced enough on the job.

Leadership Mints Reinforces and Reassures

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

      And if you are a first-time leader or would-be leader, Leadership Mints Reassures your self-confidence in progressing on your own leadership development path and complementing your participating in leadership seminars and workshops.

        Concise and to the point, Leadership Mints are often served at staff meetings and team meetings. Many team leaders, pressed for leadership development time, will purchase multiple copies of Leadership Mints to share like the candy mint variety with their staffs. The Leadership Mints help them freshen their leadership thinking on issues ranging from teaching the value of diversity (Mint 57) to partnering with others (Mint 49) to gaining trust (Mint 44).

Take  5-Minute Leadership Mints Break

       Leaders conduct a 5-Minute Leadership Mint Break during their staff meetings as a non-threatening, leadership principles teaching tool that sharpens current leaders and shapes future leaders in three distinct competencies: Creating (Mints 1-34), Collaborating (Mints 35-66) and Communicating (Mints 67-101). The Leader rotates the Leadership Mints Break Teaching Role to each member of his or her staff a week in advance of the staff meeting.

Provocative Headlines Engage
Readers & Leaders

         Sprinkled with provocative headlines, Leadership Mints is not your father’s (or mother’s) leadership book. These 101 stories are designed to spark a creative discussion on leadership development and to inspire critical reflection on leadership behavior with stirring titles like these:

Slipping Into the Girdle of Innovation (Mint 28)
Leaders Are Great Kissers (Mint 35)
Confessions of a Listener: Father I Have Sinned (Mint 67)

        The stories complement traditional competency-based leadership development training programs that focus on issues ranging from conflict management (See Mint 55, Get Off Your Butts) to connecting with an audience (See Mint 82, Public Speaking in a Bathrobe & Beyond) to writing effective status reports (See Mint 92, Catching the 5:15 Train of Thought.

        You’ll savor a few Leadership Mints packaged with an entertaining flair to relax you and maybe even trigger a smile as you refresh your leadership thinking on a key leadership principle. Enjoy “wine” at a Monday morning staff meeting (Mint 27). Color Easter eggs in a Leadership Talent Review meeting (Mint 57). And color creative solutions with crayons on butcher block paper in the executive conference room (Mint 13). You’ll also savor other Leadership Mints flavored with TV personalities of yesteryear who have made millions smile – from Fred Flintstone to Lt. Columbo and from Jackie Gleason to Eddie Haskell of Leave It to Beaver Fame.

Today’s ImproveMINT

Savor Leadership Mints in Book form. Purchase here.

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