Professing Your Professional DECREE 24/7

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s and idea to help you reinforce your conviction. Reading time: 3:03

         It’s been another gruelling and challenging day. You’re exhausted. As you’re heading back to the airport, you see an “Off-Duty” light beaming  atop a taxi cab.  You fantasize: “Oh if only I could install one of those off-duty lights in my office.”  Absurd? Of course. Leaders are always on duty, 24/7.

    off duty   taxi cabs  As PROFESSionals, leaders consistently profess their personal conviction that they are doing what they were meant to do, 24/7.  They don’t have to wait for Pay Day. Every day is Pay Day.

        And every day,  PROFESSionals unleash the music inside them on the job as poet Kahlil Gibran notes in his book The Prophet:

     “When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music.”

          No wonder Archimedes made music in the bathtub, proving a famous mathematical concept. O.Henry made music while  in a bar in New York City,  writing Gift the Magi. Adam Smith made music at the British Coffee House in London, writing The Wealth of Nations. Thomas Edison made music  in the baggage car on a railroad train, conducting experiments  And in 1908, Jack Norworth made music on a train, writing  Take Me Out to the Ball Game— still the most popular song sung at baseball parks.

     Showcasing Their Emotional Decree To the Job


                In making music on the job 24/7,  leaders showcase their emotional decree TO the job beyond their educational degree for the job. They approach their job with a religious fervor that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Consider the passion that drove Ray Kroc in founding the McDonald’s hamburger empire: “The French Fry has become almost sacrosanct for me,” Kroc said. “It’s preparation is a ritual to be followed religiously.”

                In making music  on the job 24/7, leaders personify a renewed vigor as author Sharon Louise Connelly observes in her book Work Spirit- Recapturing the Vitality of Work:

     “Individuals demonstrating work spirit have a sense that everything they have ever done contributes to what they are doing now, a feeling of doing something of value and making contributions, a sense of connections with people in the universe and a feeling of doing work they are meant to.”

             Leaders, tuning their music and doing what they were meant to, are predestined with a fore-ordained will– evoking a personal decree to arouse their spirits, broaden their perspectives, and clarify their  identity 24/7.

              Leaders  tuning their music and doing what they were meant to, issue a personal decree to deepen their relationships, encourage their creativity, and extend their understanding,24/7.

             And leaders tuning their music and doing what they were meant to, issue a personal decree to expand their horizons, confirm their commitment, and stimulate their enthusiasm 24/7.

             It’s all a matter of decree more than degree that keeps the On-Duty light in your office burning bright 24/7.

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