Unlocking The Treasure-Trove of Talent

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you in developing leaders. Reading time: 2:18.

        Click… Click… Click….The chief executive officer cupped her right hand in mid-air and began turning her fingers as she were opening a safe. Her voice echoed the pretend safe-cracking movements with a clear and distinct sound of unlocking a combination lock click…click…click.

       The chief executive officer (CEO) was simply responding to a question from another CEO. “What specifically do you look for in identifying key leaders in your company?

      The CEO’s body language said so much more than a plethora of platitudes on vision and values; so much more than a rote recital of renewal and reinforcement.

        Leaders unlock potential. Leaders find buried treasures. Leaders stimulate others to discover their hidden treasures.

     “Leaders have the right combination to open doors, open locks and open minds,” said the CEO, still twisting the fingers in her right hand held out in front of her as if she were opening a safe. “Your assets lose value locked in a safe but gain great value when you can unlock that earning potential.”

     Accessing value is a key leadership skill. Let’s look at an example of the value in unlocking potential from the world of chemistry.

      Aluminum used to be hidden and hoarded by only  the rich. When Napoleon hosted the King of Spain for dinner, the King was fed with aluminum utensils. Napoleon used gold utensils and the troops used silverware.   Why? Because it cost too much to extract since aluminum is bound up in carbon.

     It took a leader in chemistry to unlock the potential of aluminum. That leader in chemistry  invented a method ( electrolysis ) that made it easier to access the aluminum.

     With greater access to the aluminum, the price came down and the value of aluminum soared more as aluminum found its way into so many more manufacturing segments — from airplanes to beverages– and created jobs for millions and enhanced the quality of life throughout the world.

    That’s access. That’s success. That’s leadership. Unlocked.

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