Step Away From Yourself — In Sheer Ecstasy

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

 Here’s an idea to enhance your job performance . Reading time: 3:21.

        Imagine feeling sheer ecstasy!!! Fully clothed. On the job. Every day. Drug free.

        Yes, you read that correctly: ecstasy. And no, you are not reading one of THOSE tabloids that sensationalize and titillate. Although there’s plenty to titillate your bottom (line). Read on.

       Ecstasy. The word stems from the Greek ‘ex stasis’, meaning “to stand outside of yourself.”  And that ability may well be the differentiating factor of humanity as Eric Newton writes in his book  The Arts of Man : “One of the basic differences between man and the animals is his power to stand outside himself.”

       Exercising that differentiating factor –standing outside yourself –is a key leadership skill that is often  undermined  in wanna-be leaders too wrapped up in themselves and their own egos and ideas.

      Real leaders know that when you can’t or won’t step outside of yourself you can’t appreciate anything. You have no real sense of comparison, no real basis for perspective, no real understanding of value.

     That’s why the most effective leaders know that without ecstasy, they can become too self-absorbed, too self-righteous, and too all-knowing. The most effective leaders know: they DON’T know.

     They know they need to let go of their preconceived notions and get lost in something other than themselves, let their feelings climb outside of themselves. In sheer ecstasy.  No wonder the drug culture confiscated and corrupted the sense of ecstasy that real leaders enjoy without drugs.

       Real leaders can step away from their own ego and arrogance long enough to bathe in a romantic glow of another’s ideas, notions and opinions.

    Real Leaders Step Away From Their Egos

      Real leaders can step out from behind their macho armor long enough to become fascinated with something besides themselves like the curves in calligraphy a la Steve Jobs to stimulate new thinking.

     Real leaders’ ability to step  outside of themselves is critical in sparking leaders to learn, to grow, and to experience something new.

      That’s why real leaders appreciate the Spirit of Ecstasy –the name of the hood ornament on a Rolls Royce — also known as The Flying Lady in the United States.

       After all the Spirit of Ecstasy is clearly evinced in The Flying Lady’s face to the the wind, her arms outstretched, her sleeves billowing likes wings. The Flying Lady evokes the breath-taking  ecstasy in the movie Titanic when Jack and Rose  are stretched-out and “flying” at the head of the cruise ship.

          From that vantage point – on top of a hood of a luxury vehicle or at the head of a cruise ship– leaders can more readily appreciate –“naively” and freshly” again and again the basic goods of life with awe, pleasure, wonder and even ecstasy,” as psychologist and author Abraham Maslow wrote in his book Motivation and Personality.

        Indeed the most creative and innovative leaders live every day—every hour —as naively and freshly as they can. Beyond their own limitations in experience or expertise. Beneath the awe and wonder around them. And always, besides themselves. In sheer ecstasy!!!

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