Cat’s Eyes: Reflecting Long-Term Objectives vs. Short-Term Benefits

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to stay focused on your long-term goals. Reading time: 2:13.

        When you are trying to catch your train of thought, it’s too tempting to simply reach out and latch on to whatever you can.

        It’s too easy to  focus only on what  HAPPENS next.  Sequentially.

        It’s more demanding  to step back–thoughtfully, strategically and collectively–to carefully consider – what NEXT could happen. Consequentially.

       Yet sometimes short-term benefits overshadow long-term objectives.

        That’s why I applaud  leaders who contain their short-term focus like one of my clients, the first woman to be named CEO of the organization.  She pointed to a large framed photo of a cat and told me an allegory I will never forget on the significance of leaders thinking long-term.

        The story is about an elderly woman sitting in the attic. She’s looking at an old trunk and remembering the good old days. Suddenly a genie appears and says: “I will grant you three wishes and they will be fulfilled.”

      “Oh, I would love to be much younger and prettier,” the elderly woman said. And immediately she was young and beautiful.

      “Second I would like to have my old house restored.” And immediately her old house was restored.

      “Third I would like to have my wonderful old cat turned into a young, handsome dark-haired prince.” And immediately the cat became a prince.

       She was very excited. Running up to him, she put her arms around him. He looked lovingly into her eyes and said sadly: “Now aren’t you sorry you had me neutered?”

      Leaders are always thinking ahead to get ahead. About what NEXT could happen –consequentially–more than what HAPPENS next—sequentially. Especially when they are trying to catch their train of thought. How about you? How to you stay focused on the long-term objectives over the short-term benefits. Use the Comments section below.

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