Productivity: Heart Transplants of Another Kind

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you more productively align your staff.

                                     Can I have a pound of smoked turkey,” the customer asked?

WEIGHING IN : You treasure what you measure.

Nourish your staff with more than food at lunchtime

               Sharon, a clerk in the grocery store’s deli counter, carefully and confidently clawed a stack of turkey displayed in the glass case. She placed her catch on the scale. The blue digital numbers flashed 1.01 pounds.

            The customer was impressed with the precision the clerk demonstrated in selecting the exact amount of turkey.

          “Your accuracy must come from years of experience,” the customer said.

            Sharon smiled. “No, not really. I work most of the time in the cafe (in the grocery store) but I guess my heart is really in deli.”

            It’s 9 a.m. on Monday morning. Do you know where your heart is? The most effective leaders  I know do. They and their staffs are aligned to best accomplish the mission. Body and mind, hearts and souls are in the right place at the right time. Fully aligned.

   Insure your Employees Sing Their Song

      As a leader, you know your role is to orchestrate the best individual performance you can out of each of your people. As a leader you know your role is to insure that your employees get a chance to sing their song –to express their music with their optimum instrument -on their optimum stage. Yet too often leaders and their follows die with their music inside of them. In the café of their existence. Not in the deli of their sustenance.

      That’s why the most effective leaders I have known are skilled in performing heart transplants of another kind, aligning the jobs and workers, aligning skills and talents, aligning passions and purpose. And in the process, helping the ORGANization grow and prosper.

     The lesson is clear for all effective leaders. Keep doling out action learning stretch assignments. Keep evaluating leaders, learners and situations. And be ready to perform a heart transplant of another kind.

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