Customer Leadership Mint #9: An Altar on Wheels

This is the 9th of a 10-part series on Customer Leadership.

In this LEADERSHIP MINTS series, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Steelcase Inc. (founded March 16, 1912) and salute their Customer Leaders (a.k.a employees). Those highly motivated Customer Leaders have consistently helped the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company reign as the office-furniture industry leader for most of its 100 years in business. 

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an example of how committed Customer Leaders can foster an exhilarated work experience bordering on the spiritual.

         Jack, the Steelcase truck driver, was on time as usual. He pulled his sparkling blue and chrome tractor trailer into the customer’s parking lot and delivered something much more than quality office furniture.

         He delivered a showcase of the Steelcase corporate culture: Steelcase’s eye-catching,  award-winning 18-wheeler well-known and well regarded in the truck industry.

        Just ask Pastor Bill of Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago.

“I have had a worshipful experience when I witness the beauty found in a sleek, clean, beautiful Steelcase truck.”

       Pastor Bill was so impressed with the spectacular appearance of the Steelcase Wheeling Wonders  he  called the company to make a special request:

       Would Steelcase display a truck outside his church on a Sunday morning so his congregation could get an up close and personal look at this Altar on Wheels ? Pastor Bill explained that he was completing a sermon series on the theme that beauty stimulates worship, that beauty can be found everywhere — even on the highway.

Pastor Bill Hybels at Willow Creek Community Church

        The pastor, a former truck driver, spoke from personal experience worshiping on his Altar on Wheels.

      “I have had a worshipful experience when I witness the beauty found in a sleek, clean, beautiful Steelcase truck,” the pastor told 4,000 listening intently to his sermon.

       An Altar On Wheels

        The Pastor concluded his sermon, noting that he had arranged a surprise for the church goers in the parking lot: The Steelcase truck in all of its blue and chrome splendor. “What a thrill it was for everybody to see that beautiful truck as they left the Church,” the pastor enthused.  And Jack just smiled a smile as bright at the blue & chrome on his Altar on Wheels.

Jack knew what the congregation at Willow Creek Community Church knew about worshiping.  First comes a lot of work  –hard work–over many years before you get to “heaven” –behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler at Steelcase in Jack’s case.

          And Jack –like the rest of the fleet drivers at Steelcase–took such a disciplined approach to their jobs. Even their uniforms smacked so much of button downed discipline that Steelcase fleet drivers were often mistaken for police officers.  Now I know the fleet drivers at Steelcase carry no badge and no weapon. But they do have arresting powers.  All 18 wheels of it,  glistening with Blue and Chrome and beaming with the Pride of the Ride.

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