Creativity: Dusting Off The Cobwebs in Your Brains

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help think more creatively.

            The 6-year-old boy climbed into the front sit of the car  after a long day at school. Then as the car picked up speed on the expressway, he rolled down his window and flung his head into the 55 mile an hour wind.

         His mother, in the driver’s seat, yanked the little boy back in the car, and chided: ” What do you think you’re doing, Mister? The boy said matter-of-factly: “I’m airing out my brains. My brain got dusty today with all that math in class.”

          Is your brain a bit dusty too? Here are a few proverbial windows I  roll down to air out the cobwebs in my brains (assuming I have a brain).

1. CLIMB  SOMETHING — Get on a chair and take in a new perspective. Or take a hike and climb up a hill. Or a mountain. Be like Albert Einstein At 16, he climbed 8,000 foot Mount Santis in the Swiss Alps. Imagine his view in the sparkling ray. There above the treeline and overlooking the clouds below. Einstein marveled at the brilliant spectacle of light and he wondered if you could run after a beam of light. Einstein’s curiosity and wonder  helped him light the way to space travel and the  atomic age.”

2. RETAIL-THERAPY--Stop into a boutique store you have never visited before.

3. RANDOM DRAW– Visit a library or bargain book store. Blindly reach into the discounted sales bin of books. Choose a book and don’t look at it until you get back the office or home.

4.  EXERCISE–Take a Walk or Exercise. See previous Leadership Mint  Raising the Flag on Your ImagiNATION.

Today’s ImproveMINT
Roll down the windows and dust off  the cobwebs in your brain every so often to keep your leadership thinking in mint condition.

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